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Here you will find information about the Hypo Group.


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HYPOnet can only be accessed by Token by an authorised user who received a digital certificate and user name, along with an accompanying password.

Detailed instructions for HYPOnet usage can be found here or within the application itself by clicking on button "Help".

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HYPOnet - Internet Banking

HYPOnet - Internet Banking Service for Retail Clients

We have improved HYPOnet with a new service - eInvoice!

Would you like to be independent? Would you like to spend your Saturday mornings with your family, picnicking or simply reading a good book while having a cup of coffee? We provide at least some of that independence!

Conduct your financial transactions from the comfort of your home, go online, be stylish, be hypo. Use HYPOnet!

HYPOnet advantages:

  • use of our services from any place in the world which has Internet access
  • access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • faster and easier transactions
  • more economical and faster communication with the Bank via electronic channels
  • more favourable service fees

HYPOnet functionality:


payment of any kinds of kuna bills within the Republic of Croatia

payments within the Bank

payments abroad

payment order creation according to a template

payment order revocation

entry and modification of payment order templates

Fixed-term deposits

arranging kuna and foreign currency fixed-term deposits;

overview of all fixed-term deposits agreed at a Bank branch or via the HYPOnet;

early termination of fixed-term deposits arranged via the HYPOnet;

overview of inactive fixed-term deposits agreed at a Bank branch or via the HYPOnet over the past 12 months.


service enables the receipt of eInvoices in an electronic form directly to HYPOnet, where they can be signed by a single click. eInvoices are a complete replacement for paper invoices used for the payment of your monthly utility bills.

eInvoices consist of 3 types of documents:

1. e-Uplatnica – payment order, filled in with issuer data (only the amount and date of execution may be changed)

2. e-Račun – invoice, specification in the .pdf format prepared by the issuer

3. e-Dokument – issuer notifications, accounting etc. in the .pdf format

In order to receive eInvoices, you need to register for this service via HYPOnet.Once your registration has been approved, you will receive the next account or invoice in an electronic form in your HYPOnet application.

For more details refer to the HYPOnet Instructions for Use.


overview, control and archive of payment/purchase orders

overview of transaction and balances of all registered accounts at the Bank

overview and printout of statements for all registered accounts in the Bank

overview of loans approved by the Bank and automatic payment order issuance

HYPO Funds

overview of balances

overview of transactions

order entry

overview of orders

performance overview


Internet securities trading service on capital markets worldwide


announcement of cash withdrawals (Orders)

defining the manner of balance change, instalment maturity and credit card payment maturity notification delivery

creating an Application for standing order issuance and revocation and an Application for change

information on changes of the permitted overdraft

FX purchases and sales

change of contact details

selection of channels for statement delivery

change of address for correspondence

Who can become a HYPOnet service user?

HYPOnet is the Internet banking service designed for Croatian and foreign individuals who have a retail transaction account open at Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank which, thanks to its functionality and simplicity, saves your time and money.

How to become a HYPOnet user?

If you would like to agree the use of the HYPOnet service for retail clients, you need to fill out the Application form which is available at any of our branches or may be printed off our website.

Minimum technical requirements for HYPOnet usage

- Operating system Windows XP or higher
- Internet browser MS Internet Explorere 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 6.0 + and Google Chrome 13.0 +
- Hardware which meets the requirements of the operating system and Internet browser in use

General Terms of Use of Direct Banking services for retail clients form an integral part of the Application for HYPOnet service for retail clients.

Along with the Croatian version, HYPOnet service for retail clients is also available in English and German.

Call Centre: 0800 14 14
International calls: +385 1 6030 000

TeamViewer - Client Support (27 KB)

Application form (croatian) (119 KB)

Fees for Usage of HYPOnet (290 KB)

General Terms (Cro) (167 KB)

Usage Manual - HYPOnet (1.196 KB)

Usage Manual - HYPOeTrade (cro) (1.589 KB)

Usage of token (54 KB)

Recommendations for safer usage of HYPOnet (85 KB)

For further information feel free to contact our branch network, call our toll-free Customer service number 0800 14 14 or contact us via the contact form bellow.

TV commercial - HYPOeTrade (mov) (26.110 KB)

Tv commercial - HYPOeTrade (vmw) (5.601 KB)



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