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Here you will find information about the Hypo Group.
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HYPOnet - Internet Banking

HYPOnet - Internet Banking Service for Retail Clients

Would you like to be independent? Would you like to spend your Saturday mornings with your family, picnicking or simply reading a good book with a nice cup of coffee? We can provide at least some of that independence!

You can conduct financial transactions from the comfort of your home, be online, be hip, be hypo. Use HYPOnet!

HYPOnet advantages:

  • availability of our services from any place in the world with Internet access
  • 24/7 access to your accounts
  • more favourable service provision fees
  • 24/7 access to your accounts
  • faster and easier transactions
  • thriftier and faster electronic communication with the Bank

HYPOnet provides:


overview, control and archiving of turnover, balances, payment orders, instructions

statement overview and printout

overview of loans granted by the Bank with automatic payment order creation

overview of card accounts with automatic payment order creation

overview of savings accounts with automatic payment order creation


payment of all types of bills and invoices in kuna in the Republic of Croatia

internal payments

international payments

purchase and sale of foreign currencies

payment order creation using templates

order cancellation

batch signing

Fixed-term deposits

making fixed-term deposits in kuna and foreign currencies

fixed-term deposit overview

early termination of fixed-term deposits made by using the HYPOnet service

overview of non-active fixed-term deposits in the past 12 months


a full replacement for paper-based monthly utility bills

e-Invoices consist of three types of documents: e-Payment Slip – payment order, filled out with issuer information: e-Invoice – specification of the invoice in .pdf format and e-Document – notifications of the issuer in .pdf format (accounting specifications etc.)

Service registration, as well as receipt and payment of e-Payment Slips, and .pdf documents is enabled via the HYPOnet service.


modern and practical service in the form of short-term, untied savings enabling more efficient and simpler household finance planning and building up funding for upcoming expenditures

HYPO investment funds

balance and turnover overview

order entry

order overview

performance overview


instructions – cash withdrawal announcements, standing order issuing and cancellation

information on changes to the authorized overdraft

change of contact information

choice of delivery channel for the receipt of statements, and method of receiving credit card notifications

change of postal address

IBAN calculation

In addition to the Croatian version, HYPOnet is also available in English and German.

Who can become a HYPOnet service user?

HYPOnet is designed for both Croatian and foreign retail clients who have a retail transaction account opened at Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank.

How to become a HYPOnet user?

Fill out the Application Form, which you can find on our website or at Bank branches.

Application form (Cro) (119 KB)

Fees for usage of HYPOnet (Cro) (375 KB)

General Terms (Cro) (167 KB)

Usage of token (54 KB)

Recommendations for safer usage of HYPOnet (94 KB)

For further information feel free to contact our branch network, call our toll-free Customer service number 0800 14 14 or contact us via the contact form bellow.

HYPOnet video instructions to use:

TV commercial - HYPOeTrade (mov) (26.110 KB)

Tv commercial - HYPOeTrade (vmw) (5.601 KB)


About malware (51 KB)

Notification about hacker attacks (20 KB)



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