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Here you will find information about the Hypo Group.
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Hypo Bank supports soccer school for children

Hypo Bank supports soccer school for children

The Krpan & Babić Soccer Academy, headed by two national soccer team members – Petar Krpan and Marko Babić – opened in June 2010 for all interested members and soccer fans. The Academy offers a soccer school program, the organization of soccer tournaments, recreational soccer, promotional and exhibition tournaments, sales of soccer equipment etc.

A "Hypo Limač (Kid)" soccer club has been founded within the scope of the Academy. This club for children from the age of 6 to 16 is supported by Hypo Bank; its players will soon be competing against children from other clubs wearing Hypo colours. The children are coached by two famous coaches – Branko Karapandža, who also coached Davor Šuker, and Igor Dubravčić.

This is another way in which Hypo Bank supports the participation of children and the young in sports activities; as a field in which they learn to be team players while also developing their competitive spirit and a sense of belonging.

Soccer Academy Krpan&Babić


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